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Boost Digital specializes in helping larger companies with their online presence, advertising, social media and reviews management.  A solid digital platform that brings you more business is a system – a system we have developed over years of helping companies with their digital programs.

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Content marketing is the procedure of creating relative and engaging content that changes or enhances a potential customers behavior.  Content marketing is often used for soft selling purposes.

An example of this would be a how-to video involving your product / service or blog posts that involve it.  This is also content that you own – but keep in mind it isn’t exactly free either if you need someone other than yourself to do it, or better yet, someone to do a good job at it for your business.

Most content marketing also has to line up with Googles new Panda update to ensure you are doing everything you can to rank higher organically. 

Content marketing is a way to show off your product or service to make it more compelling to the viewer, rather than a blaring television or bland magazine ad, and its being done by a myriad of large corporations simply because it works.  The most popular venues of content marketing are blogs and video, but podcasts, webinars, newsletters and even mobile apps are all popular forms of content marketing.

If you want to enter the diverse would of content marketing and aren’t sure where to start, please contact us and we’ll show you the ropes!


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This is a popular question and it has many answers – how long until you’ll start seeing an improvement in organic rank from a content marketing campaign?  Truthfully – it depends.

How Established Is Your Website?

If your site is brand new and you are in a competitive space it’s going to take months and the campaign is going to have to be fairly substantial.  Older websites that are already proven and trusted by search engines will respond much quicker – as the search engines will gobble up what you have, rather than assessing it first.  Real word example?  First date versus a third date – prior establishment is key.

What Industry Are You In?

If you are in a busy industry with a lot of competition this will tack time onto your results-o-meter as well.  Thankfully we have amazing tools that can show continuous ranking improvements, time on site, visitors and conversions.  Many will say that on average it can take around 4 months to see the full benefits of a content marketing campaign but you can monitor and report its success with ease, as well as make tweaks to the campaign in real time.

If you are interested in starting a strong content marketing campaign and don’t know where to start contact us now and we can show you the ropes on how to get more website traffic and leads for your products or services.




Not very long ago Google didn’t have much in place to gauge site A against site B in the way of actual content quality, in the name of SEO as to how well it ranked organically.  You could literally pack the site full of spec keywords and have your links all over the place and magically start ranking on the first page.

The somewhat recent Panda 4 update changed all of this, and what they look for now is not just keywords and affiliate links, they are looking for quality content.

Quality content is not cut and pasted articles from other sites, or even re-written content from other sites.  It’s content that is unique to your website that shows Google you are an expert and a worthy place for people to come for information.  One step further are embedded videos into articles, properly tagged images and content frequency.

The more often you post new and unique content, the more often Google search bots will be hanging around and indexing your website.  Many SEO people were upset and shocked when the Panda 4 update was announced, but all it’s doing is making the web a better place – to find useful quality information.

With the new update Google doesn’t want to see four basic things anymore, which are auto-generated con­tent, affil­i­ate pro­gram con­tent, scraped con­tent, and door­way pages.

Every business has experts, find them and have them write content for your website – frequently – and you’ll be way ahead of the pack.



At Boost Digital we have over a decade of specific OEM and dealership level automotive marketing under our belts.  The days of buying overpriced newspaper ads, bus ads or even billboards are over.  Over 80% of new car buyers spend an average of 9 hours doing online research before even entering a dealership – which means the modern car dealership has to be online, in several facets, or they lose out.

These are facts.

Both new and used car dealerships must be ranking well organically, have strong pay per click campaigns and be on the cutting edge of social media and video.

On top of that, car dealerships also have to keep a watchful eye on their online reputations.  With all the review sites out there, which ones do you focus on?

We have all the answers and have helped multiple dealerships move away from overly expensive and untraceable outbound marketing and switch to prosperous, less expensive and traceable inbound marketing campaigns.

We can get you present on the internet, raise your review scores and get you active on social media and video.

contact us and sell more cars, it’s simple.


The two most popular modes of search marketing and advertising on the internet include paid and organic.  Organic is how you naturally rank in Google search and paid (PPC / Adwords) will situate your ad at the top or along the side of the Google index, as shown below:

PPC and Organic picture


People commonly think that organic search ranking is free – which it is, but you have to have a properly built and maintained website or generally strong and well thought out online presence to be on the first page, this is especially crucial if you’re in a highly competitive industry.  Google changed their algorithms to not only highlight keywords but now to focus on relative content, in a nut shell, which is one very important piece of the organic puzzle.

Paid search through Google Adwords will put your ad at the top or along the side regardless of your organic ranking, but even so you still have quality scores, positions, search or display network and the actual phrasing which all impact your actual pay-per-click cost.  An amateur doing this can blow through thousands of your marketing dollars in no time flat.  The more professional and maintained your Adwords campaigns are, the cheaper they are.  We’ve seen amateur accounts costing companies as much as $5000 per month which we were able to reel back by 80% and maintain the same amount of clicks and conversions.

Keep that in mind when you are considering entering the world of Google Adwords and of course you can contact us to chat about it as well.



Embedding a video into your website is a simple way of engaging visitors and making your company or service stand out in the busy and sometime cluttered online world.

The popularity of video is increasing at such a rapid rate that by next year it’s estimated that videos will make up 55% of all internet traffic.  So now is a good time to get yourself aquainted with video if you aren’t already.  Short commercials, customer testimonials, how to’s and tutorials all make for fantastic and rich content that vistors to your website and YouTube channels will love.

However, simply including a video on your website is not really enough. You need to test how well your visitors are engaging with your videos and make changes if necessary, which can be as simple as monitoring its views, likes and overall channel subscription increases in junction with some other available online variables.

These are some of the services and insights that we include at Boost Digital with your service package.


Boost Digital offers clients a new take on an old philosophy which is to increase revenue by generating more customers and floor traffic for your company from the internet.  Most every business is researched online before being contacted by customers, so obviously your online presence has to be flawless and customers have to be able to find you.

We increase your internet visibility, appearance, perception and reputation with digital expertise that provides proven & trackable digital gains.

In a nut shell, that is what we do.

Contact us for more information and let us begin improve your digital presence today!  Contact us for a free consultation!!

Proudly serving Toronto, North York, Markham, Vaughn, Woodbridge, Scarborough, Ajax, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton.



Years ago we’d open the phone book when we needed a service.  We’d pick the best looking ad and call that number and deal with whatever service we actually received.

It’s different now, people look you up online instead of though a phone book and now there are online reviews and ratings pertaining to your business as well.  Are you on top of what’s being said about your company online?  Do you know how?

Online reputation management is a service we offer at Boost Digital.  We can establish your online reputation, manage it or repair your damaged reputation.

In todays business world you need a flawless online reputation – and we can help, contact us today for a free consultation.


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Web visits can be boosted in a myriad of false ways in this day and age and this is what you must watch out for when looking for a digital marketing partner.  The true measuring stick of your websites traction with visitors is its bounce rate.  The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that leave your site as soon as they get to it.

A poor bounce rate means many things but essentially it suggests that you’re advertising in the wrong places, have a poor website or have been scammed by a company that increased your web traffic in false ways.

We’ve organically lowered our clients bounce rates from over 87% to under 9%, which means visitors on their websites longer and looking through more pages which leads to more conversions.  Contact us now to help you optimize your web traffic and not let any visitors fall through the cracks.